1. Prayer Movement
Transform USA can only be realized by the Lord. Therefore we mainly depend on prayer according to the Word in Mark 11:24 "Whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them."

  • 24/7 Prayer Net: United Prayer and fasting nationwide through churches or prayer groups. Please see National Prayer Net for detail
  • Prayer Walk: churches of all denominations and races in each city united for pray together for their City and nation (The Call).

2. Major Conferences for City Transformation
There are servants in the following cities who volunteer themselves to organize the Transform movement in their cities as follows:

  • TW Houston 2008
  • TW NY 2009
  • TW SoCal 2010
  • TW Colorado Springs
  • TW Chicago

3. Teaching
Each catalyst can learn the spirit of Transform USA from:

  • Biblical Worldview University --- seminar schedule and registration
  • CREST - joint School by Transform World HQ in Singapore and Sentinel Group
  • Resources - books, Video & CD lectures related to Transform movement

4. Church Revival Movement
These have occurred in the past or on-going: