In May 2005 over 550 leaders from 55 nations met in Jakarta, Indonesia, for a leadership forum called Transform World. The gathering climaxed as 100,000 believers filled the National Stadium for a four hour prayer meeting. This final event was simultaneously connected with 56 other sites with one million participants.

In less than three years the Transform World movement has spread to five continents with national gatherings taking place in India, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Burundi, Africa, and across Latin America. Momentum continues to grow as new events are planned in nations and regions around the globe.

In the United States leaders of ethnic communities called for a special gathering over the 4th of July holiday last year in Washington, D.C. Several of those present expressed gratitude for the role the United States had played in bringing the gospel to their nations. As a result these leaders felt a debt of love to the U.S. Their goal in D.C. was to revisit the spiritual heritage of the nation and explore their roles as catalysts in God's movement of transformation. They were passionate for the United States to rediscover and fulfill her spiritual destiny. The Transform World movement has served each of these gatherings.

This movement was a result of the World Inquiry. In collaboration with Lausanne and the 2004 World Evangelization Issues Forum and co-sponsored by Fuller Theological Seminary, a three year research project visited 100 global cities and met with leaders from 800 cities. The World Inquiry was looking for expressions of the mission of God.

The World Inquiry discovered that servant catalysts were experiencing new and dynamic ways in which God was impacting their areas of influence. The report described these expressions as emerging streams of transformation. In several cases the results were so significant that a call was issued for a global forum. The response to this call was the first Transform World event in Jakarta, Indonesia, in May 2005.

Our international colleagues believe it is time to introduce this movement to leaders in the United States. Several have mobilized groups and prayer networks in their nations to pray toward this goal. In response to their encouragement and their prayers, several participants to the Transform USA Consultation in DC devoted themselves for this movement and plans have been underway in several cities and first of them is Transform World Houston, November 16 to 20, 2008 led by Tom Victor. Second is TW NY Global City Initiative 2009 led by Jayson Kyle of The Redeemer Church, third is TW Southern California 2010 led by David Carroll.

We believe God is on a mission of Transformation. In each city gathering we seek to join God on His mission. We affirm the global nature of the transformation movement and want to take practical steps to work together as the Body of Christ toward the transformation of our churches and our world.