July 4th 2007 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C.

We the undersigned, gathered in Washington D.C. on the occasion of the 231st anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, declare our dependence on God and make ourselves available to God and to His Church, the Body of Christ in America, to serve as instruments of repentance, revival and reformation.

We are a multi-ethnic, multi-national gathering of men and women of God who are members and servants of various immigrant communities whose hearts have been seized by a global vision of transformation.

We are stirred by the example of our Christian brethren in other parts of the world whose context and passion have led them to seek Biblical transformation of their societies as well as their lives. Their large-scale gatherings in Indonesia and India inspired a world transformation movement (Transform-world.net) whose ripples now reach every continent. They awaken in us a hunger to see every aspect of our home, the United States of America, transformed for the glory of God and our own blessing.

As immigrants we thank God and the people of the United States for the opportunity they have given us and our predecessors to enjoy here the blessing of liberty and the prosperity which is its natural fruit. It was God who produced, through faithful obedience to His principles, the freedom and the prosperity that we enjoy here, for which we are grateful.

The promise of America has beckoned people like us from every nation who valued freedom of conscience and of enterprise to forge in America a better future for themselves and for their children. Here the best principles derived from the Scriptures for ordering the civil life of human society were patiently applied, mixed with faith and a robust civil virtue.

Our gathering began worshipping God at the shadow of the public monuments which testify to the truth and strength of the founders’ faith in God. We contemplated the Biblical pattern of government upon which this Christian republic was founded. We explored together in the White House the role of the Christian faith of our leaders as reported by some of the highest officials of the land. As we surveyed the state of the nation, we repented for our poor stewardship of the great legacy the founders left us and entreated God’s mercy for America and all her children.

Recognizing that we are standing upon others’ shoulders, we joined with our predecessors in earnestly reading an “Act of Contrition and Humble Repentance” that other American church leaders read at the Lincoln Memorial twenty-one years ago today.

For three days we have marveled at the variety of spiritual gifts which God has bestowed upon the various Christian communities in our nation. And we pondered, as ethnic groups and as a whole family, what the Holy Spirit was saying to us and how we may act upon it individually, as the Body of Christ, and as ethnic communities.

In a time of profound national division where moral and civic consensus is weak, we reaffirm our faith in God and in the national experiment He established on these shores four hundred years ago. The same Providence which guided and strengthened the hands of the founders shall guide and strengthen the hands of those who, like us, accept the call to rebuild upon the same Biblical foundation a new, multi-ethnic house for His glory. Ours shall be a covenant nation ruled by the fear of the Lord, where every conscience may worship God freely; where families may prosper through godly character, stewardship and freedom of enterprise; where the least of these are always considered and welcomed; where justice and mercy kiss, and where the mighty are treated the same as the humble, equally created in the image of God.

In a time of fear and suspicion of the “stranger in our midst,” our providential gathering is evidence that immigrants are a blessing of God to the United States, bringing new life and fresh vision, adding zeal to our faith and a passion to rebuild the civic foundations of the nation.

In a time in which exceeding personal self-centeredness and utter disregard for life and the covenant of marriage we reaffirm the inalienable right to life for every human being created upon conception in the image of God. We repent of our own neglect or marriage and family, and commit ourselves to live and propagate a culture of life, affirming the sanctity of life, the covenant of matrimony and the ineffable blessing of family.

We renounce, abhor and repent of our shared heritage of racism, discrimination and inequality. We call the American church to raise her voice for the voiceless, to rebuke the fear, mistrust and rejection of our fellow man and to firmly defend the dignity of all men, created equally in the image of God. The church should be the first in guiding the nation and its leaders to recognize the emerging, God-ordained reality of a multi-ethnic America.

We invite our fellow believers to join us, responding to God’s call for personal repentance, renewal, and transformation, preparing our hearts through prayer, fasting and intercession, to receive His fresh vision for our communities and nation. We invite all to labor alongside us to build a new society for God’s glory in our generation.

We urge all to live out the Gospel of reconciliation: with God, generationally, as churches, in the family, and between our ethnic families.

We urge all to join us in the task of educating a new generation of Christian citizens who are stewards of their own and their children’s character.

We invite everyone to undertake local, regional and national initiatives, forming strategic alliances and stimulating grass root movements to implement Transformation initiatives based upon Biblical principles.

We urge everyone to intentionally apply Biblical worldview principles to all spheres of society, including church, family, marketplace, arts, media, education and government.

We invite this generation to rebuild, not the house that secularism and greed built, but a whole new house, glorious in its multi-jeweled splendor, upon the original foundation, but for this new millennium, fit for the King.

The changing face of the church in the United States reflects the changing face of the church in the world. For two centuries America sent out many of her best and bravest to every corner of the world to sow the Gospel in all lands. Now it is the privilege of the rising church in the nations to restore faith and vigor to the American church, that we all may be one, united in a common call to Transformation. Because of our many different backgrounds and cultures we can interpret America to the different cultures of the world and we can also interpret the cultures of the world to America. Those who are foreign-born sometimes value America’s ideals with more intensity than her own children. We love her with fresh passion and we commit to enrich her with our uniquely multi-cultural perspective, yet rooted in the same faith and worldview as her Christian founders.

We acknowledge that the Lord is calling His people to a personal, family, church, and social Transformation by the Word of God and we dedicate ourselves together to make that call known and effectual in our lives, our respective ethnic communities, in our local context, and in the nation.

We recognize that transformation is God-initiated, and that it must begin with ourselves and affect our most immediate relationships in our families. The contagion of God’s love will then lead us to work for the transformation of our contexts, be they our ethnic communities, our geographical localities or callings. We invite all to labor alongside us to build a new society for God’s glory in our generation.

Finally, hand-in-hand with all who love her, we recent and older immigrants, pledge to dedicate our lives to the sacred task of rebuilding the United States of America on the Bible, the charter of her birthright, as her newer children and her most zealous lovers.

Signed by:
Russell Begaye, Francisco Bianchi Castillo, Akinyemi Ayodele, Mark A. Beliles, Rickie L. Bradshaw, Edward K. Braxton, Luis K. Bush, Doris A. Bush, Barbara A. Byerly, David Carroll, Steven Chang, Steve Sekyu Chang, Jisook Chang, David Chi, Timothy Fong-Ho Chiu, Eugene Clingman, Damaris Cortés, Luis Antonio Cortés, Jr., Sharif Yusef Faysal, Zizette Gabriel, Daniel Garza, John Gimenez, Anne Gimenez, Diana Gonzalez, José L. Gonzalez, Jay Grimstead, Epafras Handojo, Djohan Handojo, Bettie Handoyo, Khanh Quoc Huynh, James Sungjoo Hwang, Esther Mikyung Hwang,William Khalil, Dennis Sungsoo Kim, Shine Hwangsin Kim, Elijah Jong Fil Kim, Youngho Kim, Taechin Kim, Hetty Korompis, Judy Laughrey, Wayne Laughrey, David Wai-Keung Lee, Jacob Ilsung Lee, Soonae Lee, Billy Lesmana, Sonny Lesmana, Art Lindsley, Belinda Liu, Jonathan Chuanchang Liu, Tong Liu, Lawrence Lo, Vishal Mangalwadi, Yuri Mantilla, Stephen K. McDowell, John Mendez, Nicku Kyungu Mordi, Alberto Mottesi, Dean Nelson, Hyung Suk Park, Carlos Peñaloza Jong Jen David Peng, Gilbert Davila Perez, Trudie Perez, Bart Pierce, Elizabeth Budimuljati Purnama, John Quam, Jaime Ramirez, Marisela Ramirez, Cory F. Raynham, Marilyn Sharif, Samuels A. Sikitari, James Song Paul Bun Tho Tan, Willy Tjauw Boen Tjen, Deswood Tome, Carol Tseng, Paul Chen-Pon Tseng, Tom D. Victor, Thomas Yung-Hsin Wang, Gary Itsuki Watanabe, David J. Welch, Sr., Joseph Melville Winger, Rudy Wirianata, Bark Hay Wong, Kathryn Yang, Muh Chih Yu